you enter your apartment. it’s dark, but your living room is lit up with candles, setting a romantic scene. there’s a trail leading to your room. it’s a trail of basketball shorts. kris is waiting for you on your bed with nothing but a basketball covering his wee.


Unravel - TK
Tokyo Ghoul Full Opening Song

daedalus: icarus, whatever you do, dont fly too close to the sun
icarus: im gonna fuck the sun


Baekhyun getting white girl wasted and loudly singing anaconda in horrible english while attempting to give kyungsoo a lap dance

nana’s a w e s o m e pole d a n c i n g s k i l l s (✿◠‿◠)


you’re not a true gamer until you shove an entire ps4 up your ass


cykeem white 

He’s got to be some kind of ancient God of beauty because this is ridiculous.